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I believe that space is not just our future but also the opportunities we can develop at this moment.

We can change the world. Primarily though changing ourselves and developing our microspace.

Because of that, I promote global initiatives that elevate people`s minds and their abilities. Those are the initiatives changing the world and bringing space closer.

I uncover new opportunities for space education, space travelling, for preparation and living on other planets, for uniting people using ideas and one common goal – building a unique orbital city.

My history

I was born bonded with space. My mother managed Pulkov Observatory. Because of her stories and because I had the chance to talk with scientists and researchers, space has always been just as real as the trees and grass beyond the window pane.

My mother used to tell me about stars, planets, black holes, other galaxies, trips and discoveries. My aunt worked at the Institute of Applied Astronomy of the USSR and studied black holes, quasars and “dwarfs”, she explained to the rules of the universe to me. My desire to study space and our cosmic abilities grew exponentially.

Each day and night I would travel to distant galaxies and live a life in a parallel universe, which as time goes by, will become something natural and familiar to all of us if we dare to take action.

From childhood I was able to see what others didn’t. To step beyond the conventional perception of reality and create something that has never existed before. To spark interest in others with my ideas. To this day I use this quality to develop initiatives and directions that can truly draw our cosmic future nearer and break new ground.

The first orbital city of the future EFIR, the Space Centre on Earth, multimedia projects – all of that seemed to be a fantasy 10-20 years ago. But now, thanks to the collaboration of like-minded experts, it`s becoming our reality.

I bring people together using shared ideas related to space so that we all contribute to the development of unique international initiatives and benefit our society through the advancement of each individual.

In my opinion, the world of the future is a world in which people do not pursue the external, insignificant and ordinary. This is a world guided by a new set of rules. The focus is on realising our potential, self-development, control of our body and mind, on new technologies that we are working on at this very moment. And that way, by joining our efforts, we are discovering new, still unexplored worlds.

Together we create advanced worlds. All this is possible because of the cooperation of scientists, engineers, designers, futurists, writers, educational programs, talks through which I promote the topic of space, because of joint projects in various fields.

Here are my goals related to this journey:

  • To form a strong foundation of space geniuses. Present their inventions to the world and create an environment conducive to the creation and development of new technologies. For this purpose, I recruit outstanding specialists.
  • To promote and popularize knowledge about space and about the capabilities of man in orbit and on other planets (duration and quality of life, immortality).
  • Take the necessary actions to develop initiatives. Today the international platform Galaktika is already operating and actively progressing, one of the goals is the creation of the Orbital City. The development of the space city on Earth is almost completed. This is going to become a solid base for scientific innovations. We`ll also experience life in a space city without leaving our planet.

The branches I develop, first and foremost, are all about education, creating a community of like-minded people, bringing humanity to a new level of thinking, and eventually of being.

We have already chosen this path. It wouldn’t be possible without a common passion for space. I am confident that every person who becomes a part of these branches and initiatives, with every action will make a tangible contribution to the development of space. And humanity as a whole.


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