Aliya Grig


“Each one of us is capable of bringing the future closer: through space exploration, but also through developing the physical and mental sides of our personalities, expanding the usual way of thinking by pushing ourselves beyond the standard perception of reality. All my projects - the Evolwe, Cosmos City, Kosmos Foundation and my books and articles are all inspired by space, human development and sustainable technologies. They aim to bring the Cosmos closer to us all. My mission is to inspire people to make changes in their lives, and to shift mental and geographical borders. Life in space is more real and much closer than you think. Join me in my journey."

Each field I am involved in will make it possible to unite microspace and macrospace in terms of humans’ abilities today and tomorrow. With the help of the branches that I am developing, I am creating one joint platform. I stand by a pacifistic humanistic international approach and that’s why everyone will have a chance to make their cosmic dream come true, to contribute to the creation of the first city in space, invest in the space industry and build the future we all would want to live in.


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