What is cosmic thinking?

What is cosmic thinking?


I often say that people need to develop cosmic thinking. In principle, I base all my educational activities and ideology on this. So let's see what this means.


Imagine that you are in a great hurry to get somewhere. You pop into the coffee shop on the way, grab your takeaway filter coffee, drink it in a hurry, and send an audio message to your colleague along the way. You have a bunch of problems and tasks: a car in a service station, a dog at the vet, the sex yesterday wasn’t very good; you’re in a rush to get out of this mess.


In these conditions, would you have the opportunity to observe the flowering trees and enjoy the taste of your drink? Sure.... You can't even leave your phone in your pocket for one second, it’s constantly going off. Your whole life is work on the verge of a panic attack, hurrying somewhere, or memes and burgers. 21st century, metropolis, say what? Psychologists would say that you have forgotten how to “be in the moment”. You run through life without looking at it. I'd say that you just need to develop cosmic thinking, and then even the sex from yesterday would have been super.


The fact is that cosmic thinking is a way of perceiving the world as broadly and sensually as possible. In scientific language, this is about heightened sensation of the body. It’s when you perceive and experience everything that happens not only with your eyesight, with your fingertips or sense of smell, but with all your senses at once.


By training your brain in cosmic thinking, you begin to feel space, taste the air, hear smells and identify different textures. And the more subtly you perceive the world around you, the more balanced your nervous and endocrine systems - hormones. It's all connected. The ability to be in balance helps to maximize the development of yourself and your world. That is why I say time and again with such inspiration: it's time to train your mind in order to get closer to space, and not to Excel tables.


How can you do it? Spiritual practices, education, sports, proper nutrition, positive mindset, and creativity. It sounds rigid and boring until you taste the buzz of cosmic consciousness and understand: “This is it. The way I want to always be." And no urgent phone call will prevent you from "being in the moment" from then on.