Krasnoturinsk urban development

In 2014, with the assistance of the Aliya’s R.E.D. Foundation was created a project for the urban development of Krasnoturinsk - this is a small industrial city in the north of the Sverdlovsk region (Russia). In the late 90s, the city started to "die", it was decided to close the city-forming enterprise - the aluminum plant. R.E.D. Foundation Team prepared the concept of city renovation and social -economic development - a new Industrial Park with a number of resident anchor enterprises was designed. Also, a standard project for the support and development of single-industry towns was developed for the Russian Federation Government (in Russia there are more than 300 single-industry towns that are in economic and social crisis). Leading international experts in urban studies, architecture, and sustainable development are involved in the project. As a result of the work, an industrial park was created, more than $ 50 million of investments were attracted, the concept of landscaping the central spaces of the city was introduced, the quality of life was improved.