How can you spend time in Space without leaving Earth?

How can you spend time in Space without leaving Earth?


Building a city in Space is tomorrow’s world. For today, what we need is a transitional stage between the “technological future” and the “Earth of the past” in the shape of a place here on our planet that will transport us into Space. Not physically, of course. We don’t need to leave Earth to become more forward-thinking, smarter, more aware and enlightened. It’s actually the opposite - this is the time for us to hold on even tighter to the Earth so we can absorb as much knowledge as we can and achieve a balance in our microcosm.


This is why I want to build Cosmos City here on Earth. To serve as a kind of simulation of future life in orbit, allowing us a deeper understanding of the world and ourselves in it.There’s never been anything like it, and we need a little part of Space here on our home planet. It’s time to go from theory to practice.


Cosmos City will drive the necessary cosmic shift in our collective consciousness, uniting people around the idea of creating new possibilities which will help us build a better version of our planet. This center will be a place where people will explore space and their own horizons and potential, honing their awareness.


Cosmos City is simultaneously a technology and business project in conjunction with a futuristic configuration of a new society. As soon as we learn to live in accordance with the new laws of mutual respect. awareness, sustainability and equality on Earth, we’ll be ready to take all this into the stratosphere.


My aim is to foster game-changing practices in the fields of education, the arts, sustainability, innovation and science, neurophysics, the planet’s development and climate change. The Space city on Earth is the quintessence of future progress.


The philosophy of Human Cosmos is not a theoretical idea of an ideal society. It is a practical guide to how to make ourselves and the world around us better. The main thing is that you participate in this glorious adventure. Work on yourself, bond with people who share your values, protect the world and keep it safe.


The Cosmos is coming to you. Are you prepared to meet it?