Has anyone watched the Black Mirror? This series enraptures me and scares at the same time

On the one hand - it’s cool: technologies, gadgets, brain abilities. And on the other hand: it’s terrifying - these abilities are used excessively.

In one of the episodes the Universe is pictured as a satire on an entertainment show. People cycle on exercise bikes to generate power and earn “merits”, they are forced to watch ads (otherwise you get a fine) and are obsessed with the tv-show that is somewhat similar to the X-factor.

Bing, the main character, gets tired of this and decides to announce live on X-factor that there’s nothing real left in life, the world is unfair and people are cruel. The judges don’t take his worlds seriously but praise the “performance” and offer him a show on one of the channels.

Bing agrees) At the end of the episode we see Bing after “work” in his penthouse with a glass of orange fresh in his hand, he looks out of the window onto a vast green forest which seems to stretch to the horizon.

And you know what, this life doesn’t seem unreal to me. The society today is marred, kids look up to adults and want to become bloggers, earn huge money from advertising haemorrhoids solution or a “new amazing lipstick”. They are not interested in something practical, complex and necessary for the people. It also seems boring to work with what nature generously gave us: with consciousness and body (the potential of which we can only guess!).