American scientists are lucky ones.

They’ve watched the creation of the new planetary system almost in real time! A young star PDS 70 is 370 light years away from the Sun. It’s getting bigger, space around it is changing and new planets appear. The first one (PDS 70 b) is located just as far as Uranus is from the Sun. And the second one (PDS 70 c) is on the outer edge of the disc and is situated as far from the star as Neptune is from the Sun.

The scientists have watched the celestial bodies move and decided that the theory about how planetary systems appeared is true: they do appear from a circumstellar disc by attracting masses of this matter. Now they want to study the creation of the Solar system more thoroughly, especially the gas giants - Jupiter and Saturn)

A new discovery again proves that the Universe is unexplored and flights to the Moon and Mars are our small but important opportunity to do it. It’s worth starting with that in order to travel with ease to another planets later)