A revolutionary self-development system that will change your life

A revolutionary self-development system that will change your life


The Human Cosmos super system offers an on-target personalized self-development plan for you as an individual, rather than for the public at large. Because if you want to change the world, change yourself. Saving the planet starts in your mind.


If you want to become the best version of yourself; if you strive for happiness and harmony and care about the future of the planet; if you want to expand your world to someday touch the universe, focus on these nine areas of personal growth;


the physical (your body)

awareness (mental development)

energy (both inner and external)

prosperity (money)

community (your social status)

creativity (innovation)

love (harmony in your relationships)

soul ( your microcosm)

a clear conscience ( transitioning to the next level in your evolution - the macrocosm)


Progressing and improving in all these areas will allow people to become the next step in our evolution - universal beings. New possibilities will open before us: we’ll need less sleep while our energy will increase and our goals will get bigger; we’ll become more perceptive, our zest for life will improve, our bad habits will disappear, we’ll live much longer, we’ll fulfill our potential and acquire superior abilities. That’s when we’ll become citizens of the world and live in the cities of the future built on a new social system not dependent on deceit, war, and destruction

To achieve this requires that we work on ourselves every day. That’s what my Human Cosmos system is about - the methodical and individual process of self-development. It helps us determine our strengths and weaknesses, understand our life purpose, improve our health - become superhumans.

Unfortunately, there is no magical pill to instantly improve our lives. Only by systematically working on ourselves will we see change. The more people join the Human Cosmos philosophy, the faster humankind will find the path to wellbeing, advancement and universal peaceful coexistence. Let’s improve ourselves and the whole world with us.