A one-hundred-year-long space flight - is it possible?

One of the recent ones is about the creation of the “generation ship” (the project was suggested by an international group of scientists). This ship will:

— cover enormous distances and travel for hundreds of years

— have the software that will be able to calculate scenarios of all possible incidents

— accommodate a certain number of people which will be equal to the population of a small town

— allow to produce food on board

— have an agricultural sector with an area of 220x320 meters. The ship itself will be at least twice

as big as this sector.

The question is where one can find water to drink and to develop agriculture. Of course such projects are much needed. They don’t seem to be something unreal but nevertheless they haven’t reached the level of body, mental and technological readiness needed for a hundred-year-long flight. This philosophy has constituted the base of my #EFIR Space City project)